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New Anthem Public Policy Institute Report Outlines Key Considerations for Transforming Quality Measurement and Reporting in Medicaid Managed Care

New White Paper Series Looks at the Current State of Quality Measurement and Important Considerations for the Development of Quality Rating Systems

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 17, 2016-- Quality measurement and reporting in Medicaid managed care programs have gained heightened attention as states enroll more Medicaid beneficiaries, including more diverse populations, into managed care plans. As states expand the role of managed care organizations (MCOs), quality measurement is a key part of assessing the impact on enrollees and their health outcomes, according to a new series of white papers from Anthem’s Public Policy Institute.

To date, states have had tremendous flexibility to design their quality measurement systems, including selecting metrics and setting benchmarks for MCOs’ performance that align with states’ priorities. Some states have then incorporated the results into quality rating systems designed to help consumers compare MCOs and consider quality when selecting a plan.

New federal regulations released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in April 2016 establish greater consistency, requiring all states to develop a quality rating system that draws from a core set of measures and common methodology. One of the three papers from the Anthem Public Policy Institute examines the impact that quality rating systems have on individuals, health plans, and providers.

“Surprisingly, we found that, currently, there is little evidence one way or the other on the impact of Medicaid rating systems on plan choice,” said Jennifer Kowalski, vice president of the Anthem Public Policy Institute. “The changes expected for Medicaid quality ratings underscore the need for greater study of what measures and strategies are most effective in engaging consumers to consider quality when selecting a plan.”

The three papers highlight several areas for consideration on the future of quality rating systems:

  • Quality measures should be well-tested, evidence-based, peer-reviewed, and focused on measuring the health outcomes of individuals. Particular attention should be given to ensuring metrics are representative of the growing diversity of managed care enrollees and their health care needs, such as behavioral health and long-term services and supports.
  • As CMS considers a nationwide quality rating framework, it should build on the successful models already underway in many states. States should continue to serve as testing grounds for innovative quality measurement and reporting approaches.
  • It will be critical to assess on an ongoing basis whether and to what extent quality rating systems are able to effectively drive changes in consumer, health plan and provider behavior. Additional work should focus on ensuring that consumer-facing quality ratings are clear, relevant, and align with consumers’ other priorities related to health plan selection.

The three paper series from the Anthem Public Policy Institute discusses these issues in greater detail:

Copies of the Anthem Public Policy Institute’s white papers are available at:, and are also discussed at:

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