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WellPoint to Hold Conference Call and Webcast to Discuss Fourth Quarter Results on January 28, 2009
December 30, 2008
WellPoint Announces Collaborative Partnership to Expand Access to Health Care Provider Information
December 16, 2008
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Summerlin Life and Health Insurance Company Enter Into Endorsement Agreement as Summerlin Announces Exit From the Commercial PPO Business in Nevada
December 15, 2008
WellPoint Associates Pledge Record Amount to Community Organizations in 2009
December 11, 2008
WellPoint Announces Appointment of Andrew J. Lang as Senior Vice President of Application Development
December 10, 2008
Dr. Charles Kennedy, Vice President of Health Information Technology for WellPoint, Inc., to Present Today at The 4th Annual World Healthcare Innovation and Technology Congress (WHIT v.4.0)
December 09, 2008
WellPoint and Health Management Corporation (HMC) Partner with USA Swimming Foundation to Promote Water Safety and Health, Fitness Benefits of Swimming
November 17, 2008
WellPoint Announces Second Annual Innovation Event
November 13, 2008
WellPoint Introduces International Medical Tourism Pilot Program
November 12, 2008
Triglyceride Levels Continue to Rise in the United States Despite Increased Use of Cholesterol-Lowering Medications
November 11, 2008
WellPoint President and CEO Angela Braly Appears at the Norfolk Forum
October 28, 2008
WellPoint Announces Appearances at Upcoming Conferences
October 28, 2008
Research Shows Consumer-Directed Health Plans Encourage Preventive Care
October 27, 2008
Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Conference Call Transcript
October 23, 2008
WellPoint Reports Third Quarter 2008 Results
October 22, 2008
WellPoint, the WellPoint Foundation and the X PRIZE Foundation Collaborate to Advance Revolutionary Ideas to Improve the Health Care System
October 15, 2008
WellPoint's Braly Commits $300,000 to Attract Top-Level Giving to United Way
October 14, 2008
Charles Kennedy, M.D., Vice President for Health Information Technology, WellPoint, Inc., Appointed to AHIC Successor, Inc. Board of Directors
October 01, 2008
Access to Physicians Is Consumers' Highest Priority When Choosing a Health Plan, According to New Study
September 29, 2008
WellPoint Announces Launch of New Institute of Health Care Knowledge
September 25, 2008
WellPoint to Hold Conference Call and Webcast to Discuss Third Quarter Results on October 22, 2008
September 24, 2008
WellPoint Pilots Health Benefit Company's First Healthy Behaviors Sustainability Project for its Own Employees
September 24, 2008
WellPoint's Dr. Alan Rosenberg to Address Industry's Top Medical Technology Conference
September 22, 2008
WellPoint Named Best Place to Work in Health Care
September 22, 2008
WellPoint, Inc. Recognized by National Committee for Quality Assurance for Innovative Efforts to Help Reduce Health Care Disparities
September 15, 2008
WellPoint Chief Medical Officer Presents Health Care System Quality Improvement Strategies to U.S. Senate Finance Committee
September 09, 2008
WellPoint Announces Appearances at Upcoming Conferences
September 03, 2008
WellPoint Announces Appointments of Lori Beer as Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer; Martin Miller as Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer and Controller
August 22, 2008
WellPoint Appoints Krista A. Bowers as President of Senior Business
August 04, 2008
WellPoint Announces Appearance at Upcoming Conference
July 30, 2008
WellPoint Reports Second Quarter 2008 Results
July 23, 2008
Second Quarter 2008 Earnings Conference Call Transcript
July 23, 2008
WellPoint Partners With CareNex Health Services to Expand Its Neonatal Intensive Care Services Program
July 14, 2008
Study Measures Real-World Comparative Effectiveness of Asthma Controller Medications
July 08, 2008
WellPoint to Cover Rotarix(R) Vaccine
June 27, 2008
WellPoint to Hold Conference Call and Webcast to Discuss Second Quarter Results On July 23, 2008
June 25, 2008
WellPoint's Member Health Index Shows Improvement in the Quality of Health Care Received
June 25, 2008
WellPoint Web Sites Receive Six World Wide Web Health Awards
June 24, 2008
WellPoint Appoints Raj G. Bal as President of Individual Business
June 23, 2008
WellPoint NextRx Announces Results of Five State Pilot Program to Help Manage Insomnia
June 18, 2008
WellPoint Launches and Expands Maternity Depression Program
June 10, 2008
WellPoint Announces Appearance at Upcoming Conference
June 09, 2008
Study Finds Disparities in Breast Cancer Treatment Even Among Fully-Insured African-American and Caucasian Women
June 01, 2008
WellPoint Announces Realignment of Operations, Technology and Government Services Unit
May 28, 2008
WellPoint, Inc., Recognized as One of Best Employers for Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
May 21, 2008
WellPoint NextRx Announces New Agreement With Blue Cross of Idaho
May 07, 2008
WellPoint Wins Medicare Administrative Contract Worth up to $323 Million
May 05, 2008
WellPoint Introduces Industry's First Electronic Tool to Help Members Search In-Network Doctors and Hospitals; Transparency Tool to Enable Searches Via Web-Enabled Cell Phones or Hand-Held Devices
May 01, 2008
BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina and WellPoint Affiliate Receive State Approval for Ten South Carolina Counties
April 30, 2008
WellPoint Announces Acquisition of DeCare Dental
April 29, 2008
WellPoint Announces Appearances at Upcoming Conferences
April 28, 2008
WellPoint Announces First National Community Service Day
April 28, 2008
First Quarter 2008 Earnings Conference Call Transcript
April 24, 2008
WellPoint Reports First Quarter 2008 Results
April 23, 2008
WellPoint Appoints Kevin R. Hayden as President of State Sponsored Business
April 18, 2008
WellPoint To Acquire Resolution Health
April 17, 2008
WellPoint Announces Development of Innovative Drug Safety System Designed to Monitor Drug and Therapy Risks Post-FDA Approval
April 15, 2008
WellPoint Named as One of DiversityInc's Top 50 Companies
April 08, 2008
WellPoint NextRx Pilots Over the Counter Medication Program with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island
April 07, 2008
WellPoint Announces Initiative Aimed at Preventing Serious Medical Errors; Company Committed to Protecting Members' Health and Finances by Not Reimbursing Major Preventable Adverse Events
April 02, 2008
WellPoint to Hold Conference Call and Webcast to Discuss First Quarter Results On April 23, 2008
March 31, 2008
Reclassified 2007 Reportable Segment Highlights
March 31, 2008
WellPoint NextRx Announces New Agreement With Trustmark
March 26, 2008
WellPoint's Health Plans to Cover Newly Approved Cancer Treatment
March 24, 2008
WellPoint Announces Appearances at Upcoming Conferences
March 11, 2008
WellPoint, Inc. Conference Call Transcript
March 10, 2008
WellPoint Revises 2008 Earnings Per Share Guidance
March 10, 2008
Quotit and WellPoint Join Forces to Bring Medicare Product Information Online
February 25, 2008
WellPoint Named Top Green IT Company by Computerworld Magazine
February 20, 2008
WellPoint Announces Appearance at Upcoming Conference
February 06, 2008
WellPoint Announces Appearance at Upcoming Conference
January 25, 2008
Fourth Quarter 2007 Earnings Conference Call Transcript
January 23, 2008
WellPoint Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2007 Results
January 23, 2008
WellPoint Web Sites Receive Six eHealthcare Leadership Awards
January 17, 2008
WellPoint Announces Consumer Innovation Opportunity
January 10, 2008
WellPoint Appoints Brian A. Sassi as President and CEO of the Company's Consumer Business Unit
January 09, 2008
WellPoint Launches Zagat Survey Tool to Help Consumers Rate Experiences with Their Doctors
January 08, 2008
WellPoint Executive Mark Boxer Recognized as One of Computerworld's 2008 Premier 100 IT Leaders
January 07, 2008
WellPoint Announces Appearance at Upcoming Conference
January 02, 2008

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